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About National IPR Council
The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Council at ASSOCHAM is intensively involved with issues pertaining to the protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.

Under ASSOCHAM National Council on IPR, ASSOCHAM IPFC is working to create awareness about the role of Intellectual Property for comprehensive awareness & training in IPR to all stakeholders.

It has taken decisive steps in raising the levels of awareness about Intellectual Property Rights amongst the citizens of India. In this regard, ASSOCHAM’s constructive contributions span various capacity-building exercises and training programs for the industry, the judiciary, and law enforcement agencies. Further, the IPR council is a platform for continuous interaction between the industry and the Government to provide an interface for businesses to resolve their issues pertaining to IPRs.

It has been extensively involved in providing strategic Policy & Advocacy services to the MSMEs for the management of their IPRs & Technology. AIPFC is focusing on enabling MSMEs in understanding, identifying & use intellectual property rights for building competitive advantage and business excellence.

AIPFC has been involved to enable MSMEs for identifying their intellectual property and to provide services such as IP protection, Counseling & Advisory services to leverage their business venture to excellence.

ASSOCHAM, in association with the Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprise, (Mo MSME), Govt. of India has established Intellectual Property Rights Facilitation Centres (IPFC) at Delhi & Bengaluru.

Steering Comittee Members – IPFC DELHI

Dr. Sheetal Chopra

India Lead - IPR Policy

Ericsson Forum

Manisha Singh



Nishant Sharma

Lead Counsel (India) - IP & Litigation


Yogesh Pai

Assistant Professor

NLU, Delhi

Dr. Anil Wali

Managing Director


Vaibhav Khanna

Head, Intellectual Property

Sterlite Technologies Limited

Sumit Kapoor

Head of Marketing - Brand, Acquisition and Events


Chavvi Jain

Legal Counsel

Aditya Birla Group

R. K. Bharati

Director Incharge

MSME-Development Institute, Okhla

Sameer Kumar Swaroop

Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs

Indian Patent office (IPO), New Delhi

Steering Comittee Members – IPFC BANGALORE

Dr. Hemang Shah

India Engineering Lead, Qualcomm Technology Licensing


Chitra Iyer

Head of Intellectual Property & Standards


Prof. S. Sadagopan


IIIT Bangalore

Dr. T. Ramakrishna

Chair Professor and Chairperson, Post-Graduate and Doctoral Council


Ravi Bhola


K & S Partners

Abhishek Bharti

Senior Counsel, Legal Affairs and Government Relations

GE Research

Vivek Saxena

Chief Executive Officer

TEE Global Accelerator for Innovation Network

Srikanth Venkatesh

Strategic Client Executive

Tata Consultancy Services

G R Akadas


MSME- DI Bangalore


AIPFC identifies opportunities to advocate the importance of intellectual property across all the stakeholders. AIPFC continues its advocacy efforts by collaboration with key government organization involved in IP policy-making. In addition, AIPFC also holds frequent consultations with the industry bodies to help in advocating best practices during policy formulation.

Capacity building & Outreach

The AIPFC actively engages in organizing several programs such as webinars, workshops, conferences to spread awareness about intellectual property across various stakeholders such as Start-ups, MSMEs, Universities, and Individual innovators. The AIPFC also participates in training and capacity building programs by working closely with the Indian Patent Office.

Handholding to Innovators

The AIPFC offers a unique set of handholding services to Start-ups, MSMEs, universities and Individual innovators. The AIPFC strategically develops a roadmap for the stakeholders starting from the inception in developing a strong IP portfolio. Right from protecting the idea to commercializing it the AIPFC offers all services under one roof.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is the process that helps in the development of tangible products from a mere idea which constitutes Intellectual Property. The AIPFC proactively helps the innovator and the industrial partner to benefit from the technology transfer, thereby contributing to the benefit of the society. The AIPFC helps in developing a balanced IPR regime that is most suitable for both the innovator and the industrial partner.


To Provide MSME, the strategic management of Technology & IPR.
Increasing awareness about the role of Intellectual Property in today’s knowledge economy.
To create a delivery mechanism for comprehensive awareness & Training in IPR to all stakeholders of IP.
To provide services such as IP protection, IP Awareness & Training, Counselling & Advisory.
Providing strategic Policy & Advocacy
To handhold MSME for identifying an intellectual property in their day-to-day business and leverage it for business excellence.
To enable MSME from States in understanding, identifying & use intellectual property rights for building competitive advantage.